CXM Direct Deposits and Withdrawals

For us at CXM Direct it is imperative to support our clients in every way possible. Choose the most advantageous and convenient funding method from our broad variety of Instant Deposit options and start trading!

Be in control of your funds 24/7

At CXM Direct we believe that making deposits and withdrawing funds should be simple and straightforward. That’s why we constantly add new funding methods that would allow you to react fast in the event of a market fluctuation. Our client support team will be always ready to help you with any queries you might have.

Important notes for funding methods

CXM Direct provides Instant Internal Transfer options to clients who hold multiple accounts. Transfers can be executed with just a few clicks from inside the Client Portal. Please note, this function only works during market open hours, so always refer to your Client Portal for more details.

FasaPayCurrenciesProcessing TimeCommissionMinimum amount
DepositUSDInstant015 USD
WithdrawalUSD1 Working Day015 USD
Local BanksCurrenciesProcessing TimeCommissionMinimum amount
DepositMYR, IDR, VND, THBInstant015 USD
WithdrawMYR, IDR, VND, THB1 Working Day015 USD
Other CrytosCurrenciesProcessing TimeCommissionMinimum amount
DepositBTC, ETH , BCH1 Working Day 0100 USD equivalent
WithdrawalBTC, ETH , BCH1 Working Day 0100 USD equivalent
Perfect MoneyCurrenciesProcessing TimeCommissionMinimum amount
DepositUSDInstant0Contact Account Executive for details
WithdrawalUSD1 Working Day0Contact Account Executive for details
USDT (Tether)CurrenciesProcessing TimeCommissionMinimum amount
DepositUSDT (Tether)1 Working Day0100 USD equivalent
WithdrawalUSDT (Tether)1 Working Day0100 USD equivalent

Some funding options are only available to residents of certain countries. In order to strengthen security, we are constantly adding new deposit channels as well as doing maintenance checks on the existing ones. Please refer to your Client Portal for up to date information on each channel and operating hours as they may change. Also note that, when you request a withdrawal from your Client Portal, the withdrawal will be in the base currency of your trading account.

How to withdraw from your CXM Direct account

How do I withdraw money?

Customers may withdraw funds at any time. Funds can be withdrawn up to the value of the balance of your trading account
Step 1. On the left menu choose "Withdraw Funds"

Step 2: Choose from which account you want to withdraw money and via what Payment system

Funds are withdrawn using the same method, and sent to the same account, as previously used for your deposit.

Step 3: Input withdrawal amount and click "Continue". After that you will be redirect to payment system page.

Step 4: In the payment system page need to fill the information with your phone number and bank account information. After that your withdrawal request will be processed.

How long will it take to process my withdrawal request and when will I receive my funds?

CXM Direct processes withdrawal requests within 1 business day. The estimated time it will take to receive your payment is dependent on the payment system

Payment MethodEstimated time to receive funds
Local Withdraw (MYR, VND, THB, IDR)1 business day
Miracle Wallet (THB)1 business day
Perfect Money (USD)1-2 business days
Crypto Withdrawals (USDT, BTC, ETH)1-2 business days

How can I cancel my withdrawal?

To cancel a withdrawal request your need to send email to In email need to provide your landing account number.

What conditions are required to open a withdrawal request?

Withdrawal conditions for each payment method you can find in the right side during the withdrawal request procedure

Here is example of the one payment method:

Your personal information, payment details and accompanying documentation are protected by CXM Direct information security policy.

You can find more information here: Privacy Policy.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

All withdrawals within 5 withdrawal requests per calendar month are free.
CXM Direct charges 25$ withdrawal fee if there more than 5 withdrawals per calendar month

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